My iPhone Won't Charge


Sometimes, your iPhone just won't charge. If you have recently purchased the phone, you may want to send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement. However, if your warranty has expired, you may be able to determine the source of the problem and determine the cheapest and easiest way to resolve this problem. Check the Wall Outlet First, check the charging indicator light to determine if the charger is actually plugged in.

15 September 2015

Addressing A Couple Of Your Concerns About Call Forwarding


Ensuring that your customers are able to speak with you or one of your employees is essential in the modern business environment. However, this can be difficult for enterprises with highly mobile workers. For example, a client may find it difficult to get in touch with their attorney because they may spend much of their time out of the office. In this situation, call forwarding can be the perfect solution, but if you have never used these solutions, learning the following two questions and answers will help you decide if this is suitable for your enterprise's need.

15 July 2015

The Major Advantages Of A VoIP And Cellular Voice Service Solution


Offices looking to trim the fat and reduce their budgets may want to look towards the advantages of a VoIP digital reception and cellular voice service hybrid. This type of installation involves creating a VoIP voice service to field the office's calls, which then transfer directly to the cellular phones of the employees. This solution is usually far less expensive than maintaining land lines and offers increased mobility. Accessibility: Employees Can Always Be Reached

15 May 2015