My iPhone Won't Charge


Sometimes, your iPhone just won't charge. If you have recently purchased the phone, you may want to send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement. However, if your warranty has expired, you may be able to determine the source of the problem and determine the cheapest and easiest way to resolve this problem.

Check the Wall Outlet

First, check the charging indicator light to determine if the charger is actually plugged in. The outlet might be dead. If you are still not sure, find something else to plug into the wall outlet.

Restart the iPhone

Next, make sure that the iPhone did not simply experience a software crash. Software must detect that your phone is connected to the charger and then it begins the charging process. If you perform a hard shutdown by pressing down on the iPhone Home and Sleep/Wake buttons, you can reset the iPhone and software.

Clean the Connector

The connector is the component attached to the iPhone charger that connects to the iPhone. Check the connector to make sure there is no debris. If you notice any, clean it with a soft cloth. Debris can interfere with the iPhone detecting the connection.

Check the Cord

After trying all of the above, it is likely that the charger is defective. The part of your cord that connects the charging prong to the cord can sometimes become damaged and may even fray, exposing the cord underneath the insulation. Prevent this by not hard-bending this point. If you often place your charger in a pocket or bag, avoid doing this because the charger cord might be bent while being transported.

Add Protection for the Cord

One way to prevent a cord from bending and fraying is to surround it with a spring. You can remove a spring from a ballpoint pen. Roll the spring around the cord and then slide the spring to the point where the cord connects to the connector. You can also purchase a cloth that will cover the cable and protect it from damage.

Push the Connector Pin Into Place

A connector pin is a piece of meta that extends out of the connector and is inserted into the iPhone. Sometimes, the connector pin itself becomes bent. Try to bend the connector pin back into place. Then, insert it into the iPhone to determine if the phone will establish a charge. If not, you will probably need to purchase a new charger. The cable is covered under the warranty, so if you purchased your iPhone recently, you can have your cable replaced for free. When replacing, do not purchase the aftermarket cables because they do not last as long. Click here for more info on iPhone repair.


15 September 2015

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