The Major Advantages Of A VoIP And Cellular Voice Service Solution


Offices looking to trim the fat and reduce their budgets may want to look towards the advantages of a VoIP digital reception and cellular voice service hybrid. This type of installation involves creating a VoIP voice service to field the office's calls, which then transfer directly to the cellular phones of the employees. This solution is usually far less expensive than maintaining land lines and offers increased mobility.

Accessibility: Employees Can Always Be Reached

Employees can be reached anywhere they are under this system because they will always have their mobile phones with them. This has more advantages than it may seem. Not only will employees be able to be contacted away from their desk, such as at client sites, but it also means that employees can be contacted anywhere in the world. Employees can be hired in other countries and interacted with by customers just as though they are within the exact same office. 

Affordability: Cellular Service Costs Less

Employers interested in taking advantage of this solution usually only need to pay a small reimbursement to their employees for their cellular lines, which employees usually use for both personal and work service. This is often far less expensive than having to maintain a commercial business line. Normal telecom lines have to be physically wired within a building and can be very expensive simply for the installation alone. A standard telecom installation also requires equipment such as a private branch exchange, which can cost many thousands of dollars.

Easy Upgrades: New Lines Can Be Added Quickly

New lines can be added and customized as simply as activating a new cellular phone. With standard solutions, the wiring would need to be run. Moreover, the lines can be programmed on-the-fly through the digital reception desk, and tasks such as scheduled transfers from line to line can be created to ensure that no calls are missed. 

Stability: Less Likelihood of a System Going Down

Almost every company has experienced a telephone outage from time to time. This is far less likely when everyone is on a cellular service, especially if they are located in different areas. The VoIP reception desk, which operates over the Internet, will also not go down if local telephone lines go down. So for businesses that need stability and customer support, this solution can be ideal.

This type of solution can still be integrated with a standard land line solution and still convey many of the above benefits. Regardless, a VoIP phone service opens many doorways that traditional phone services cannot. For more information about choosing a phone service for your company, contact a company like Phone Masters Ltd.


15 May 2015

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