A Guide To 6 Basic Business Phone Features


When you set-up a business phone system, you also need to purchase business phones that will allow you to access and employ all the features of your new business phone system. When it comes to purchasing the right phones for your business, you need to know what features you want your phones to have and then purchase the equipment that allows you to access those feature. Here is a quick overview of ten features you may want your business phone equipment to have.

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Most businesses have multiple lines. If you don't want all of your phone calls to be funneled through reception first and then forwarded to the right person, you need a piece of equipment that allows for direct, inward dial. This allows phone calls to bypass the primary number and go directly to the line that was called.

Caller ID

Not all phones are built with caller ID. Caller ID seems almost like a default feature at this point, but you want to make sure in a business setting, that you have a caller ID in order to identify who is calling.

Mobile Phone Integration

If you want to use mobile phones with your business phone system, which you can with a VoIP setup, you need equipment that will allow for mobile phone integration. This will allow you to easily integrate mobile phones into your overall business phone platform.


A presence signal lets you know if someone is on the phone. This can be seen on the screen of the phone or on a monitor that is connected to the phone or via the interface for your VoIP system. The presence of light can be really useful — it allows the receptionist to know if someone is already on the phone and prevents calls from being sent to someone who is already occupied.

Audio Conference Bridge

An audio conference bridge allows multiple users, using their own phone equipment, to connect to the same virtual conference room. This allows conference calls to happen without everyone being in the same room.

Video Conference Bridge

A video conference bridge is similar to an audio conference bridge. With a video conference bridge, multiple users, who are based on various locations, are all able to connect together in one video conference.

Remember, your business phone systems don't have to have all the features listed above. The key is to determine what features your needs and then find the equipment that will provide you with those features.


28 June 2019

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