A Personalized Solution For Customer Satisfaction


If you own or manage a growing business, you may be needlessly limiting its success. Without the optimal amount of phone availability, it's difficult to retain and grow your customer base efficiently. That's why a call center service can be a boon to just about any business' bottom line.

Save Time and Customers

It's no secret that an unanswered phone call can lead to lost sales. No one wants to wait on hold, or worse, leave a message and then have to wait for a return call. That's a quick way for a hot lead to turn cold. Additionally, a customer service call center can free you from the phone while trained agents take calls, answer questions and receive orders. This will allow you and your employees to attend to their most pressing tasks.

A Personal Touch Makes a Big Difference

Another use for call center services is for taking messages. A human being is vastly preferable to an answering machine for message taking. If a client needing after-hours help is greeted by voicemail, they're highly likely to hang up straight away. In fact, according to a survey by Consumer Reports, 75 percent of callers are extremely annoyed when they're unable to reach a human, and 72 percent of those who reach an automated voice greeting will hang up without ever leaving a message. Those numbers can add up to a lot of lost business. Engaging a call center service so that a human being answers the phone to take the message increases the likelihood the customer will stay on the line to leave a message. It also increases the customer's confidence that they'll receive a timely response.

Choosing a Call Center Service

Choosing the call center service that's right for you shouldn't be too complicated. You can choose a service where agents are on-site in a physical call center, or a cloud-based service where employees work remotely. Cloud-based services provide flexibility for businesses where the number of calls may fluctuate based on promotions or seasonality. Perhaps you want a call center service that goes beyond the basics to email, chat and social media. Business phone services can also perform outbound cold calling, survey-taking and obtaining customer feedback.

Just about any business process conducted by phone, Web browser or email can be delegated to a call center service. A business phone service can help to keep your overhead and staffing costs down while keeping your customers happy.

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30 December 2015

Choosing the Best Phone Service

What do you really need when it comes to your home phone? Although you might assume that you couldn't live without call waiting or caller ID, the fact of the matter is that some features are pointless for certain families. I want to teach you more about how to decide which phone service would be right for you, which is why I made this blog. As you read through my website, try to take the time to thoughtfully analyze which features you would actually use on a day-to-day basis. It might seem silly to scrutinize things so carefully, but a little careful consideration might save you a bunch of money on your monthly phone bill.